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AIWA Luxury Car Rental company was founded in 2022. Our fleet of vehicles was created specifically for the needs of active, conscious people who value their time, comfort and are accustomed to surrounding themselves only with the best.

The brand name is not accidental. AIWA means “Yes” in Arabic. Say “Yes” to your uniqueness, comfort and impeccable luxury. Here you can choose luxury cars: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche.

Developing Company

We apply an individual approach to each client and take care of your comfort while traveling throughout the entire rental period of the car. We understand that the life of a modern person is inextricably linked with technology, therefore we constantly improve our business processes and processes of interaction with clients by introducing innovative methods.

All our cars are no older than 2019 and are equipped with modern systems that make your trips as safe, easy and comfortable as possible.

We do everything to ensure that our clients maintain their usual rhythm
and standard of living

We value every client and provide maximum service

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High-quality communications and customer focus. We create a healthy communication environment around us.

We prefer quality of interaction to quantity. Therefore, our relationships with clients and partners are built on the principles of long-term and understanding of key needs, preferences and values. Thanks to this, our clients always have the most favorable and exclusive conditions that suit them.



Manufacturability and optimization of business processes. Customer satisfaction and their comfort when interacting with us are important to us.

We also value our employees and want to ensure that their work does not cause them stress and increased workload.

Therefore, in our company we adhere to the principles of optimizing labor and increasing productivity. To do this, we use and implement modern technological tools both for communication within the company and with clients, and in managing business processes.



Development and improvement. It is important for us to remain relevant and offer our clients in-demand services and a high level of service.

Therefore, we follow the trends and dynamics of market development, constantly improving our business processes.

Within the company, we create a common culture of continuous development, both in promoting the company and in personal growth.



Reputation and transparency of work. We value our reputation and do not use methods in our work that could harm it. All our services are transparent and mutually beneficial.

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